Secure Your Social Media Accounts

Secure Your Social Media Accounts

The use of social media account is ever on the increase as pockets of individuals and brands are coming into the fold as days go by. Hence, the need to step up the security of your accounts as there are hackers always trying to compromise your accounts for their devilish reasons.

The good news is, aside from the usual passwords, you can make use of some tools to help in securing these accounts for you, irrespective of what you’re using to operate the accounts, be it mobile phone or PC. Here are some of the tools you can use; let’s go through them:

1. Intrusion detection system

When you install intrusion detection system on your mobile phones, it immediately alerts you of any suspicious or unauthorized access into your account, which helps you take actions as soon as possible. The LogDog app on the android is one of these systems as it effectively watches your accounts and reports suspicious activities on the accounts. Guess what? You can use the app with Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Dropbox and more.

2. Password manager

For better protection of your social media accounts, the use of the password isn’t the only thing you should depend on again. The password manager is a useful tool you can use to secure your social media accounts nowadays. Lastpass is a password manager that ensures optimum security for your social media accounts without you logging in all the time.

Lastpass features a random password generator that helps your account comes up with reliable and well-secured passwords. It’s one of the systems you can trust during this time.

3. Social media management system

Social media management system assists the MD with optimum security for the company’s account despite staff members having access to it. Despite the access, the tool gives the employees; they can’t have access to sensitive information on the account as they are locked up somewhere within the tool. Examples of such systems are sprout social and Hootsuite.

With access approval on Facebook, you can control access to your Facebook page as it will always prompt a unique question every time someone tries to access the page on any device.

Manage Privacy Settings: Another security feature many people are aware of but don’t take seriously is the use of privacy setting on every social media. Ensure you take your time on the ‘permission’ as it assists in setting people that can see and comment on your posts. This can be used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Anti-virus Software

Never take the use of anti-virus on your mobile and PC for a joke. They are there for a reason as the hackers are working each day assiduously to release a virus that may compromise the security of social media accounts. However, if you keep updating the ant-virus when due, you’ll be protected from heinous activities.

There are many ways through which you can secure your social media accounts from being compromised; the above-mentioned points are just but a tip of an iceberg. Note them well and cheers to a better secured social media account!

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